Where are you from? na versão online da Revista New York Arts _ Maio/Junho Where are you from? in the online version of New York Arts Magazine _ May/June

Where are you from? is an exhibition about curatorial and artistic exploration. It is an exhibition that acknowledges that the contemporary Portuguese artist wanders far from home, settling elsewhere in Europe, in the U.S., in Africa, or Asia for a time, absorbing ideas and influences and then bringing them back to feed the art milieu of Lisbon or Porto or Évora. This exhibition also acknowledges the journeying of the curators (Jane Gilmor and Lesley Wright), colleagues from central Iowa who travel, often, away from the Midwest to see art and artists in other cities, other countries, and on other continents. In this particular exhibition, the focus is on art they found in Portugal. The resulting exhibition takes that art on its own unexpected journey, from Portugal to Iowa.